Subradeon is a musical mission started more than ten years ago in southern Italy, well known as a territory rich in artistic and musical vanguards, with the intention to continue and be an active part of that message born in the streets of Detroit in the middle 80’s: “live the music” as a universal message, as the most important thing, as a cultural movement.

One thing is clear, from the first listen one can appreciate their innovative ability, their creativity in mixing their styles, honouring the pure techno sound with the soul of Motown combined with elements that range from hip hop to jazz, from funk to soul.

2018, the year of Subradeon Records. “God Bless” EP is the first release including a remix from the well-know collective Scan 7.

0823 calls 313, a message of revolution.

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Booking Agent: Javier Medina
Press Kit: Download

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