HBL Studios is a Berlin based studio collaboration by Radio Slave & Hybrasil. HBL Studios offers high quality audio engineering services to underground artists and labels, in addition to a series of royalty free studio sample packs, bringing you the authentic sound of the most sought after drum machines and synthesizers.

HBL Mixing & Mastering by Hybrasil

Hybrasil learned his craft working as a house engineer at Ireland’s famed Temple Lane & Grouse Lodge Studios, operating a NEVE VR Legend and SSL G Series consoles for countless bands, artists, musicians and producers. As a mix engineer he has worked with a broad selection of artists from Detroit, London and Berlin.

In addition to his studio work, Hybrasil has lectured at SAE Institute Berlin & Dublin Institute of Technology (now Dublin Technical University). In 2019 he launched Elevator Program, an online program for learning the art and science of electronic music production.

De Light Management has developed and built the HBL Studios website and manages all site projects.

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Digital Manager: Rita Surgucheva

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