Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Training & Consulting 

Music industry-focused DEI training and consulting.

Our diverse team of experts tailor every program and customize each solution to the specific needs of our clients. We work with music industry organizations to build and implement strategies that integrate equity and conscious inclusion across systems, policy and practice. We equip employees, managers and leaders with tools to foster belonging in the workplace through our training sessions and awareness services. Our approach addresses diversity in both nightlife and corporate environments.

We offer diversity awareness and skills training sessions that cover a range of topics including unconscious bias, prejudice, structural discrimination, white privilege, microaggressions, racism, sexism, homophobia, allyship and conflict resolution. Most importantly, we create safe spaces to discuss what success and opportunity mean for every person in your music organization to give you strategies that can be implemented tomorrow to engage your clients, teams,  and guests. 

Contact: Lindi Delight

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