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Lindi Delight / Iva Pinnekamp

Hello Demo is the new Email for Music.

The simplest, fastest and most secure way to send music. A multi-platform specifically designed to send, receive, sign and manage music between artists, labels, radio stations, music schools and everyone around them. The centrepiece for the music industry.

Available for both Android and iOS, the mobile app is Hello Demo On-the-go including some of the main features such as adding friends, inbox playback, music sharing, messaging, deleting tracks, favouriting artists, etc.

We’ve created a dynamic system that keeps music in constant movement allowing artists to instantly share their files to the right hands while labels receive more relevant music. Hello Demo will be an indispensable tool for artists to accelerate their career, to share their music and to get their music signed.

Labels can now seamlessly build their plan and prepare their forthcoming releases in an all-in-one cloud-based workshare environment.

From signing contracts to adding new members, with Hello Demo labels can keep track of conversations and manage deadlines all in one place. This means less time in the office and more time discovering new talent.

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