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Lindi Delight

Gaetano Parisio, is one of the most consistent artists in techno, releasing records since the 90s that remain staples in every respectable DJ’s record box. Co-creator of the Neapolitan Techno School, he is now prepared to present a GAETEK LIVE and ORIGENS.

Starting as Gaetek, Gaetano (from Napoli, Italy) released a flurry of classics on labels like Planet Rhythm and Primate Recordings, records that were immediately elevated into regular rotation by icons like Dave Clarke, Sven Vath and even Jeff Mills himself.

In 2017, he moved to Barcelona, Spain and set-up a new studio where he produced brand new music with several collaborators that will be revealed shortly. He also republished the back catalogs of his labels (this time in digital format, too), setting the stage for the new GAETEK LIVE and ORIGENS (a three turntables dj set just as he used to play in the beginning of his career) intended to introduce his 25-year-plus music career to techno’s next generation.

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